Company Profile

Olivos Family started the Olive Oil production in 1954 as a small business. The Olivos Olive Crushing Mills, Olive Collecting Centers and it Ultra-Modern Olive Oil Production Plant were established in partnership a decade ago together with SMS Group-Hong Kong having 25 years of experience in the food processing business in Far Eastern Countries. All Olivos Crushing Mills and Olivos Bottling Plant are built in the Western Part of Turkey, which is the main industrial city of the Aegean Region where the best olives and olive oils are exported to the world.

Olivos owns two contracted crushing mills. One of the mills is in Akhisar and the other one is in Tire and Our Ultra-Modern Bottling Plant is located in Manisa.

Our crushing mills give us the opportunity to collect different varieties of olives. Our olive crushing systems are called “continue systems”, which are mainly used by Italian Companies. Olivos can control both the quality of the olive oil and the variety of olives by controlling every single phase of the production and the packaging, in other words; our production is under control from collecting the olives to bringing the product to the final customer.

After expanding its olive collecting centers and crushing mills throughout the country and having its branches in New York, California, Florida, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Melbourne, Olivos became an internationally recognized Olive Oil Production Company. Olivos currently exports its products to 32 countries and our International Offices are bringing the products to local warehouses in USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, Japan, Korea, Norway, Australia and Brazil for distribution.

Quality Management

Our goal is to be the best-known Turkish Olive Oil Company in the world by producing the best olive oil products.

With our systematic approach, experienced staff and our high-technology plant, we set our goal to grow together with our customers, increase profitability and productivity.

Our core principle is to produce High Quality Olive Oil Products that are in accordance with all legal regulations in an environmentally friendly, hygienic and secure production facility.

What made us an Internationally Recognized Olive Oil Production Facility is that Olivos Production Facilities are set for improving the performance of the entire organization by detecting all kinds of errors at their sources before the final product is completely made to be able to take all kinds of preventative measures in advance for keeping the quality of all the products in a stable level.